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Tech Specifications for the FHIR-based Provider Directory API

Find the technical specifications and implementation guidelines you need to become compliant to the Provider Directory mandate under the CMS Final Rule

Provider Directory API

The Provider Directory API enables a public-facing list of all providers within a health plans network. Accessible by members through the payers’ website, the provider directory will promote public discovery, accessibility, and workflow efficiency. 


CMS, in partnership with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), has identified HL7’s FHIR Release 4.0.1 as the foundational standard that can support secure APIs for health industry data. As such, the Provider Directory API must be implemented using the consistent FHIR format, that has already been reliably used to meet CMS Patient Access API compliance. 


Payers can enable a FHIR-based Provider Directory API by utilizing HL7’s open-source Da Vinci Payer Data Exchange (PDEX) Plan Network IG.

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